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The "Secret" History of Three Lakes RM

Started in 1914, the RM of Three Lakes No. 400 was a name submitted by Mr. Haeglin of Verndale at the home of Ernest Bauman. The name of the RM came from the 3 lakes, Basin Lake, Lenore Lake,and Middle Lake which was chosen on January 1st, 1914. Other names submitted were Pasqua, Roslyn, Poplar Grove, Lily Bush, Parkland and Turgeon.

The "Secret" History of Pilger

Pilger was much more than a village in the early 1900's, it began as a district, which later formed into the village there today.

Early 1900's

Settlers moved to the district from U.S and Europe.


Postmaster, Pius Mutter was given the honor of naming the settlement, he chose Pilger German for Pilgrim.


CPR being considered.


The coming of the railway was the start to the village of Pilger. A J.I. Case Agency lumberyard, Hoenman's store, Gambie's rooming house, a machine shop and pool hall were some of the first businesses.


School moved into town from a farmyard.


Pilger was incorporated as a village.

*All information was found in the Village of Pilger Memories History Book

The "Secret" History of Middle Lake

Middle Lake village was not originally started where it is located today. It all began on a quarter of land North East of the current village. There is a lake and a village both called Middle Lake.


First store was built in original Middle Lake location by Steve Molnar. First implement shop was built by Mr. Maloni.


Municipal meetings held in Mr. Malonis' shop. Frank Hackl also built an implement shop for the Massey Harris Agency.


Store was bought by Chris Koehler and Mr. Strassner.


The store burned down and Koehler bought land and re-built. The store handled everything and mail. It was complicated to get merchandise, so it was ordered from Eaton's and Simpsons.


John Lengyel opened a pool room across from Koehler's store. It became the place to spend time on a Saturday night.


CPR being considered, and people decided they wanted a town between Pilger and St. Benedict.


Koehler's store moved from original site with 2 tractors and 16 horses.

*All information was found in the Village of Middle Lake History Book

The "Secret" History of St. Benedict

The village had its start around 1929 when the railroad was being implemented. As the tracks began to be laid, eager business people began to build along the main road.


CPR was being considered.


At this time the village still had no name, Basin Lake, Budapest, and St. Benedict were up for debate. The CPR named their station St. Benedict.


One of the first store owners in St. Benedict was Steve Plascko, with his Red and White Store. A Butcher shop was located in a lean-to on the side. A Post Office was also part of the town, owned by George Renneberg.


Once surveying was completed, George built a store, post office and living quarters on Main Street. On the corner was a hardware store owned by Ray Manville of Prince Albert. George gave up the store business in the early thirties but retained the post office.


In 1930, John Ebert and sons built a store in St. Benedict on Main Street with living quarters in the back. It was run as a general store and operated by Sal, Ray and Norbert Ebert.

*All information was found in the Treasured Memories St. Benedict-Reynaud history book


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